Do you have an example of the Audio Sermon software that is used in the websites you develop?

Yes, see the following website page to see how the Audio Sermon software is being used

How many sermons can we upload to our website?

You can upload unlimited sermons, depending on the diskspace in your chosen hosting package. If you need more space you can simply upgrade to one of our larger hosting packages. View our Cloud Hosting or Cheaper Budget Hosting packages.

Will I get a password so I can log-in and edit my website?

Yes, you will be set up with a log-in so you can edit your website pages. If you can edit a word document, then you will find it is very easy to edit your website pages.

Can I get an email that matches my domain name (eg. example

Yes, you have the ability to set up emails to match your domain name. We can help you create the email address within your cPanel and provide the instructions for how you can set it up on your phone and computer (Outlook etc.) yourself. However, please note domain email account are self managed and we provide limited support after they have been created.

Can you tell me a bit more about hosting and what it has to offer? Do I need this?

Yes, hosting is required to keep your website live on the internet. Websites are hosted on servers. Our server provides a Cloud Hosting service. This is one of the best hosting options available and our service is fast and secure. Website hosting is billed monthly.

Will I be able to play around with things on the web pages and do some stuff myself or is this only done by someone like yourself?

Yes, you can edit your website pages easily from the front end after it is developed and live on the internet. It is like editing a Word document. However somethings require more advanced support and we are here to help. However, once your website is published on the internet, any additional work (outside your chosen package or quote) you request us to do is charge at an hourly rate depending on the complexity of the job (from $75* per hour). Additional features added to the site like Ecommerce / Online shopping and other components will require a quote.

Will my page be able to be viewed by everyone?

Yes, the internet is global. There are some unsafe countries which we may block from our servers from time to time (to help prevent threats to our service).

Will my website be seen in Google search results?

We offer Free SEO with our website development packages. This includes submitting your website to Google and Bing. However, we cannot guarentee that they will crawl and accept your website. Please read more about this offer via Free-Seo page on our webiste.

Will I be able to pick a Domain Name?

Yes, if you do not have a domain name already please visit our website and click on Buy a Domain Name (via the main menu) to search available domain names. you can use a credit or debit card to purchase online. If you need any assistance please let us know.

I have a domain name already hosted with another service provider, can I transfer it your service?

Yes, you can transfer your domain name to our service. Please contact us for instruction on how to do this.

How do I know what the webpage will look like on a mobile phone or tablet?

If you get in touch with us we can send you a link to the mobile friendly templates we use, which you can choose from for your website. You can test these responsive demo templates on different divices such as a mobile phone or tablet, and you can see how they reduce in size for different screens sizes.

Will I be able to contact your business for assistance on the website if I'm stuck with something?

Yes, we are here to assist and we provide tutorials to help you for after we have finished developing your website and it is live on the internet.

Can we have registered users so they can log-in to our website?

Yes. We also recommend having a privacy statement on your website. If you have registered users you can send your privacy statement and any terms and conditions to us while we are developing your website and we will add it to your site for you.

What is the cPanel?

The cPanel is what holds all your files for your website on the server (hosting control panel) and where we set up your email addresses for you. If you don't know how to operate the cPanel, you don't need to worry, as we can help take care of this for you.

Is there a monthly or annual fee for the sermon software or is it a one-off payment?

If you wish to purchase the sermon software as an add-on to a smaller package, it is a one-off charge. However if in the future you wsih to update your version you may need to pay for an update.

We have had some spam issues in the past, do you think they will resolve when we change hosting over to you?

We set up Google reCAPTCHA (while Google offers it for free) to help prevent robots from sending spam through website contact forms. However, we can't do much about manual spam emails that people may send. It is also best not to display your email address on your website as this can be a target for spam.

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