We can provide Free Migration* support for your website when you purchase one of our Budget Hosting Packages as follows:

Budget - Starter Hosting
$14.95*/ MONTH
2 GB Diskspace
2 GB Memory
100% CPU
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free AutoSSL Certificates
Unlimited Email Accounts (self-managed)

Budget - Business Hosting
$24.95*/ MONTH
5 GB Diskspace
4 GB Memory
200% CPU
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free AutoSSL Certificates
Unlimited Email Accounts (self-managed)

We require payment for 1st month upfront.. Hosting payments are non-refundable. There is no contract, you can cancel at any time (as long as your current payments are up-to-date).


Please note there is no guarantee for our migration service. 

After migration we currently only provide website maintenance support and updates for Joomla 3x built websites (fees are on our website for this service).

Our Migration Support Team will definitely try their best to assist where they can while adhering to their schedule and availability.

We can only advise if a website can or cannot be migrated on a site by site basis once we have gained access.

Some general guidelines:

We cannot split an addon domain from another webhost to its own cPanel account, it is simply a full cPanel account being moved over to our server.

For DNS updates, we can do this when the domains are registered with us, but cannot make changes to domains outside of our system.

We can copy the CMS (WP/Joomla/Magento) as long as we can have access to files and the required databases.

Post migration we test the site to confirm it matches the live version or the version from the previous host. (If the live site has a 500 error, the migrated site will most likely also have a 500 error)

We need to be able to log in to the server where the website files are.

You will need to provide the following details for our migration support team:

Primary domain:
Shared IP address of old host:
cPanel Username:
cPanel Password:
Preferred time:

If the previous host did not provide a cPanel environment, then we would need FTP details instead.
FTP Details:

If the site was built on ASP.net, then it won’t be something we can provide hosting for. This is because cPanel doesn't support the structure fully, and hence issues would arise that couldn’t be addressed.

We would then provide you with the DNS Settings for your domain name which you need to add for the website to load on the new hosting (if your domain name is registered through us we can help with this).

DNS propagation takes between 4-8 hours and after that, it should resolve.

We use our wholesale hosting support team to assist with migration of websites. We recommend that you have a backup on hand of your current website. As we cannot be held liable or responsible for any whatsoever reason for any losses associated with your website files.

Our service terms and conditions also apply see here »»

If instead you need a new mobile friendly website designed please see our website for our package prices and inclusions Click here »

To migrate your website please contact us »»

Move Your Website To Us

Website Migration when you purchase a Budget Hosting Package
(WordPress, Joomla or Magento)
We will move your website across to us for free when you purchase one of our cheap Budget Hosting Plans.


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